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How are you holding up in these economic times?

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David Armstrong
HR Performance Sites

I think relationships are revealed during hard times. It is sometimes surprising to me the strength and weakness of my different relationships, these are the times to keep your eyes wide open. A business that did the small things over the last few years will benefit now. When business has less money and higher expectations, they go to the vendors/people they TRUST. If you delivered on your promise, likely you are on the short list, which is getting even shorter. People are self-interested first, always. Couple that with ethics and it is called capitalism. It is not a bad thing. If you have had a long term view in the past, stability and the future look good, even optimistic. My advice is this. Work hard and tell the truth, you will get it back. If you let greed and leverage take over your business, your culture, your style, that will come back too. Take this period in time to reflect upon your business, your past and then take action forward to improve your impact; regardless of your starting point.

John Wentworth
Wentworth Recruiting

Doing well or not in econimic hard times is determined well before the hard times arrive. If a company has a compelling product that is fairly priced and strong relationships with enough happy customers, it will win the competition for whatever crumbs the economy leaves lying around.
If one positions oneself where there are lots of crumbs, or even an entire cake, this good planning will be rewarded.
Our clients are diverse and loyal, so we are surviving while others in the recruiting/search community are disappearing. We are anxious for revenues to get better, but grateful for every dollar our clients pay us.

Bryan Crawford
Operations Manager
Total Loyalty Solutions

Our company is doing pretty well as a whole. Advertising and marketing budgets have been cut substantially, however email marketing continues to prove itself as a very inexpensive, yet effective marketing tool. Compared to direct mail, radio, television and billboard, email marketing is an instantaneously quantifiable measuring tool. As soon as the email is sent, you know if someone opened it or not. If you are using the email to coupon, or discount your product, the business owner knows if the email offer was redeemed. If your business is slow on certain evenings, and you see a spike on those evenings after your email is sent, you know it was effective.
I do not believe the economy will rebound very soon. With that being said, businesses need to continue to advertise as inexpensively and efficiently as possible. Email marketing is the solution to that problem.

Michele O’Connor

I am holding up well, never missing my morning exercise. No matter how stressful a day can be exercise makes it tolerable and surmountable! Our company, GoliathJobs, has weekly roundtable meetings to discuss optimum ways of saving our clients (employers & recruiters) money. It is very efficient at a time when efficiency and savings are tantamount for our clients. In terms of our staff, we continue to hire interns throughout the country. It is a great way build a workforce of bright-eyed motivated employees that are usually hired full time post graduation. There is a considerable cost savings from hiring interns that have already been trained and learned your culture as well. We recommend the same to our employers & recruiters.

Eric Herrenkohl
Herrenkohl Consulting

I would say that our business is holding up well, but only because we have been willing to respond to what the market is saying. Right now, we are seeing significant interest in our systems and tools for helping sales organizations to increase closing percentages and increase the number of strong prospects for their services. We are seeing decreased interest in general executive coaching and organizational development programs and solutions.

Joseph Murphy
Shaker Consulting Group

The need for next-in-class candidate evaluation methods has placed great growth demands on our company. As candidate volume increases, and the need to stand out in the talent attraction space becomes mission critical, more brand conscious companies have turned to us for help. I am coping through the use of strong project management, streamlining our development methods, and creating realisitic expectations on delivery cycles.

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