52 Performance Principles



HR Performance Sites’ author Eric Herrenkohl writes a performance principle to read and utilize every week of the year. This report includes a Q&A section to each principle. Share them with your team in your weekly meetings, read one each Monday morning to make use of that week, or read one each Friday to reflect on the past week’s performance.

52 Performance Principles is a tool to help you get goals accomplished and create value for your clients, for your company, and for yourself.
Whether as an individual or a team, achievement begins with clearly defined outcomes in mind. In other words, at the start do you know what success will look like? What outcomes will let you know your efforts are paying off?

At the same time, achievement depends on accountability and follow up. It is not enough to commit to doing something. You must actually do it! You must also keep others updated on your progress. After all, their success is often contingent on your effort.

In the midst of setting goals and providing accountability, we also need creative thinking that helps us to grab people’s attention, challenge their thinking, and get them engaged with us in achieving the goals. That is where this workbook comes in. Each of the 52 Performance Principles contained in this book helps you to think differently about the challenges you face. It is creative thinking for business accompanied by specific applications and discussion questions to help you apply this material productively.

Author: Eric Herrenkohl
Format: PDF (indexed) included in cost.
Printed copies are $20 each. Shipping & handling included.
Publish Date: June 10, 2009
Pages: 56


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